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Allan Miranda Secured my Fiancé Visa & Partner Visa
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Violeta Martin

Sometime on the last quarter of year 2013, my fiancé (now my husband) asked the help of Atty. Allan Miranda, to assist him to secure a fiancée visa for me. After arranging all the documents needed and in barely less than 6 months, my fiancée visa was approved, to make the story short, I arrived in Australia and got married to my fiancé. It does not stopped there, after the marriage, he assisted us to get my Spouse/Partner Visa and after the 2 years requirement...my Permanent Residency Visa.
Atty. Allan Miranda helped us a lot, for guiding us to all the documents needed, not to mention his patience and past service, and for these, me and my husband is very grateful to him.

Allan Made it Stress Free and Easy!
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Aya Casado

I was having issues returning to Australia with missing paperwork and lived overseas for a long time. After several years and attempts on fixing it on my own and nothing really happening, my cousin introduced me to Allan Miranda. He helped me get all my paperworks ready and helped me renew my Australian passport from overseas. I moved back to Australia within 3-4 months.

I have also used Allan’s services in getting my partner who was on a student visa to a partner visa. He organised everything we needed, followed up and ensured my partner a swift process. My partner is now a Permanent Resident awaiting to become a citizen. We are very thankful for Allan’s expertise and assistance making it stress free and as easy as possible! Thanks Allan!

Highly Recommend Allan's Services
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Chester Go

I initially engaged Allan 6 months before I turned 40yo (starting age of the last age bracket 40-44) to get an honest assessment of my chances of getting invited by the Immigration to apply. He was very professional and upfront on his assessment.

When I decided to apply for AU visa, he immediately gave me a step-by-step instruction on where to start and how to go about it. He knows the immigration process well and even helped me compose letters required by the accessing body. He also advised me on how my CV should look like. Allan was there every step of the way, from engaging ACS, collating supporting documents, submission of EOI, police clearances, medical, etc and always answered my queries promptly and clearly.

I highly recommend his services if you are serious in applying for visas in Australia.

A Quick Visa Approval!
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Johnson Patilano, Jr.

When my family decided to migrate to Australia, Allan Miranda was highly recommended to guide us with the process. It was definitely a great decision for he guided us through the whole thing. He was very thorough with what we need to accomplish for submission and constantly communicated when we had any concerns. Upon lodgement, we were informed that it might take months to get a response. To our amazement, our PR Visa was approved within 8 weeks. We deeply appreciated Allan Miranda’s personalised service for it has given us the opportunity to live here in Australia.

Much Better Than Previous Agent
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Rolly Manipol

December 2018, my previous authorized migration agent has been notified by the Australian Immigration saying that my visa application for subclass 482 visa was invalid yet, they just send it to me 3 weeks later after the Australian Immigration sent it to them. That's when I decided to change my migration agent and its due to their negligence. I met Allan Miranda because one of my work colleagues introduces him to me and Allan is the one who helped us arranged my new subclass 482 visa application and luckily, after 2 months of waiting my new visa has been granted. If it's not for Allan, me and my wife would've been back at our home country.

Truly An Amazing And Awesome Person
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Mia Cruz

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Allan Miranda for handling our visa application and providing us with exceptional service when we had a very difficult and complex migration matter.
Service was amazing from start to finish during a very stressful process. He was very helpful all throughout the process, giving professional advice, everything was explained clearly and very honest.
He was very thorough and attentive even to the smallest detail making sure that no important details were left behind. Very professional, friendly and most importantly, always there to reassure us and answer all our questions.
Everything went smoothly and we got a successful outcome which took less time than anticipated. Our visa was approved within 4 months. Very unexpected because it was difficult to have the visa be approved at that time. This success was all because of Allan's hard work and tireless efforts.
Allan Miranda is highly recommended to my friends. Truly an amazing and awesome person.

Dependable And Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Aprilone Chan

Allan has been a great help to me and my family. Performance wise? Dependable and satisfaction guaranteed, even done inquiry on the phone is so much help. Even recommended him to a friend of mine. Thanks Allan and may you continue your good work in serving families and individuals as you have done with mine.


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